Wine and food have gone together naturally for centuries and pairing wine and food is a subtle science, but a highly important part of French culture. This is the chance to experience it for yourself.

Wine, bread and cheese from the Haag farm.

The three most iconic elements of our culinary heritage are brought together for your greater enjoyment. What is important here is to make the wine, the cheese and the bread go together harmoniously. For each cheese, you’ll have a different wine and a different type of bread to offer you pairings that are occasionally traditional, sometimes unusual, but always delicious!

Wine and chocolate from the Rietsch pâtisserie

Chocolate, like wine, comes in many colours and many flavours. Who wouldn’t be tempted to pair two of life’s great pleasures in a mouthwatering tasting session?
Imagine the smooth sweetness of a wine coming up against the soft bitterness of a chocolate melting in the mouth, or the smokiness of great cocoa marrying with the silky texture of a grand cru. Irresistible.

Wine and gingerbread from the maison Lips

There is an explosion of flavours when the honey, almonds, candied fruit and spices meet the freshness or sweetness of a white wine or the power and fruit of a red. The taste buds spring into action to conduct a symphony of aromatic pleasure

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