Initiation courses

An introduction to the grands crus of the Pays de Barr

Looking, sniffing and tasting – these are the senses you’ll be using in a tasting session to introduce you to the grands crus of the Pays de Barr. A moment to remember, where you’ll enjoy an initiation into wine tasting and find out what terroir means.

Organic and biodynamic wines

Organic and biodynamic wines are made without interfering with the earth or nature and are part of an ongoing process of sustainable development. These environmentally-friendly techniques bring out the quality and characteristics of the terroir, which you’ll be able to experience by tasting the wines!

Wine and geology

Wine is part of France’s heritage, but it also includes the use of the mysterious term terroir, which evokes the soil and subsoil, the terrain and the climate.
The Pays de Barr has 8 grands crus and therefore 8 outstanding terroirs. This course will help you find out about their specific features, through a tasting of the different varietals used in the grands crus.

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