Grape picker for a day!

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Wine harvest for wine lovers and nature lovers!

On the Programme :

- The winegrower will show you the harvesting techniques.

You will be given a pair of secateurs.

- Set off for 2 hours of grape harvesting.

- Return to the winery for a presentation of the transformation of grapes into wine.

- Enjoy a grape pickers meal. (if booked beforehand)

- At the end of the half-day session, you will receive a diploma for the "Grape picker for a day".

For more information, or to book this service, please contact the Barr tourist office on the following number: 03 88 08 66 65


From 04/10/2022 to 08/10/2022 the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday de 10:00 à 14:00



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